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 We strictly conform to the rules and regulations for personal data protection that are in the 『Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data Protection』 .The Privacy Policy is subject to change according to changes in the government laws and policies and ACANET’s internal policies. We will post any Privacy Policy changes on our homepage. Please check for any notifications regarding these changes whenever you visit our website.

Why we collect information and how we use it
① We collect information to provide better services to all of our users. These are the types of data we collect from our user and the purposes of collecting them
- Name, ID, password, resident registration number (alien registration number): We use this information to distinguish a user when they sign up to become a member on our site.
- Email address, agreement to receiving emails, phone number: We use this information to enhance the way we communicate with our users for example in sending any notifications to our users, verification of our user’s personal opinions, solving any complaints and also to notify our users of new services/products or events that we have.
- Address, phone number: We use this information to ensure that any items or giveaways to be delivered to our users are sent correctly.
- Hint questions and answers: In the event that our users forget their passwords, we use these hint questions and answers to help them to quickly remember their passwords.
- Other optional items: We use this information to provide a more personalized service to our users. ② However, we do not collect sensitive personal data, which is information about or which reveals our user’s race, ethnic origin, philosophical & religious beliefs, place of origin, legal domicile, political inclinations, crime record, health record & sexual life etc. , which is a violation of human rights.

What personal information items we collect and the methods of collecting it
Most of the contents on our site can be accessed without a user having to sign up as a member. However, if a user would like to sign up as a member, there are items of personal information that the user has to enter. There are both required items, which have to be entered, and optional items which do not have to be entered. If optional items are not entered, access to services will not be restricted.
1) Information collected when signing up as a member
- Required items: Desired ID, password, hint questions and answers for password remembrance, name, resident (alien) registration number, address, phone number, email address, and agreement to receive emails.
- Optional items: Company address, company phone number, date of birth, marital status, wedding anniversary date, occupation, monthly income, highest education level, number of children and car details.

How we protect our non-member users’ personal data
Both members and non-members can purchase products and services from us. In the case of product/service(s) delivery to a user who is a non-member, we collect information which is required only for the logistics of delivery and payment of the purchase price. If a user has purchased products/services from us, the information regarding payment and receipt of goods which they enter will be used for only the purposes of processing payment and delivering the products/services and for nothing else whatsoever.
We do protect our non-member user’s personal data just like we protect our members’ personal data.

Using cookies to collect personal data
① What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer through your computer browser (Netscape, Internet explorer etc.) when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, your computer reads the cookie information that is on your browser and, without further entry of additional information, you are able to access the services on the website. A cookie identifies your computer but does not identify you personally. Also, you have the option to reset your browser to refuse all cookies, accept all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. You can do this by clicking the ‘Tools > Options tab’ and do the setting as desired.
② How is a cookie used?
We use cookies to make the site’s searches of our users to be more convenient. Through these cookies, only the user’s ID is collected. The collected ID is used for the following purposes:
- Providing differentiated services according to our user’s personal interests
- Analyzing the access of frequency, durations of visit etc. to the site by both member and non-member users and use this analysis to determine the user’s preferences and interests and apply this in target marketing.
- Following traces of shopped items and other items which the user looked through. We use this traces to provide a more personalized service the next time the user shops on our site.
- Analyzing customer behavior and applying that in improving user-experience
- Entering contents on the noticeboard for the user.
The cookies are destroyed when the browser is closed or when a user logs out of our website. 

Period of handling and retaining personal data
① After collecting our user’s personal information in the ways mentioned above and after fulfilling the purposes also mentioned above, the information is destroyed. However, if that information is required to be kept for a certain period of time for purposes such as the confirmation of transaction-related information, declaration of rights & obligations etc. which is in accordance to commercial laws and other related laws, we have to keep that information for certain duration of time.
- Membership information: If a member self-terminates their membership or is expelled etc., we show and ask for the consent to keep the user’s certain data for a certain purpose and for a certain period of time.
- Records related to contracts or subscription withdrawal rights: 5years
- Records of purchase price payments and delivery of goods/ services: 5years
- Records related to user complaints and settlement of disputes: 3years
② For information which we need the user to read through, for example transaction information which we need to get consent so as to retain it, we make sure that the user has read over and has confirmed it.