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ACANET was founded in September of 2009 as a next-generation integrated information systems company. We provide services which start from consultation to the development of an integrated information system.

We also provide X-internet/RIA solutions, College ERP, Advertising solutions, Portals, ISP/BPR etc. and we have recorded a continuous annual average of over 50% in revenue increases since establishment as an expert IT company.

The company has participated in and successfully completed projects with leading domestic colleges/universities. We also actively observe e-BIZ related trends and then create systems for each college/university and other institutions in accordance with the needs of the new trends.

In the coming future, ACANET plans to be among the ‘World’s Top 10 Software Companies’. We are actively doing this by investing in the R&D industry, creating new values and maximizing the efforts to become a competitive company in providing the best services to our clients.

Company Overview
Company name ACANET
Representative Director Jeong-Man , Gil
Established on September, 2009
Capital 212,000 US$ (235 million won)
Workforce 95 employees (As of August, 2016)
Main Business Areas
  • Solutions development (Internet/RIA solutions, College ERP (Academics, General administration, Research, Industrial businesses)
  • System Integration (College, Education, Advertising, Public, Finances, Manufacturing)
  • Consulting (Development consulting, ISP/BPR, EA, BI)
  • Cooperation projects
ACANET ACANET will take full responsibility of your Business Infra.
With our deep passion and solutions, we offer a unique service that takes into consideration the customer's business environment.
We aim to be the center role in Communication, providing wired and wireless integrated solutions and services which have taken into consideration the customer business environment which is based on technological convergence.
Through our precedence thinking and quick action, we, together with you, our esteemed customer, will create an IT Total Service.
The introduction of the market-leading IT development technology and services are ACANET's main goal so as to be able to create customer value. ACANET is playing a center role in realizing communication between person to person, person to IT and IT to person.